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About Us

Vim & Vigor has evolved over the last 9 years through the journey of a passionate health enthusiast, who has had a vision from a very early age of helping others enhance their lives and achieve their health goals. 
Melanie Nichols, an RN, fitness trainer, and rehabilitation specialist, is that visionary. She has been inspired by seeking out workable solutions for her own health struggles over the years. She has spent the last 26 years learning what true health is, and how to help others overcome their health challenges. After turning 40, she decided to stop making health complicated, and take it down to a simple, teachable system. 
Life keeps people busy and enmeshed in an array of problems, apart from the needless health problems that plague so many people. Melanie wanted to help others to prevent such debilitating issues, and to have more energy and vitality., but to do so in a simple way that is not overwhelming or time consuming. 
Being a business owner and single mother of three awesome boys, she has sought a higher level of health to keep up with the demands of her own life. Her weakness has been impatience, and a demand for results too quickly. However, this weakness has turned into a strength, in that she has acquired simple, yet highly powerful, tools to help achieve better health sooner.
As you experience Vim & Vigor's program, you will see that it doesn't have to be complicated or even take a lot of time. Melanie's compassion and empathy for the pain and physical limitations that affect other people’s quality of life has been the impetus for her to find the best modalities available today.
Now, it's your turn to begin your journey to a healthier and revitalized you!
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