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Fitness Training

Are you able to find the time and energy to achieve your fitness goals?  Keeping track of how many steps you make a day isn't the most important indicator of your health.  What if you could work out once a week and look and feel like you work out every day?  If you have a busy schedule and want to maximize the time you are spending on exercise, we have the perfect solutions.  Come experience the latest and greatest in the fitness world.  Even if you can't go to the regular gym, can't even stand up, have weakness on one side of your body, just had surgery, getting ready for surgery, have pain in certain positions, we can work you out safely and effectively. 

Whether your son or daughter has a sports injury or your parent has physical limitations, we can work with them to where they can get back to participating in life again.  Don't accept that nothing can be done about it.  We can help you.  We are dedicated t doing everything possible to help you achieve your health goals.  So let's get you started!


Imagine the possibilities of the following:


  • preventing injuries

  • building muscle

  • building stamina

  • improving performance

  • burning fat

Cost: $100 per session

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